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Captain Gene Gammon

Capt Gene

Gene Gammon has been involved with Ted Irwin and various Irwin models for over 30 years.  He is the author of the IrwinYachts web site and is a source of information for both original and subsequent Irwin Owners.  Gene has raced and designed boats since 1972.  Ted Irwin hired Gene in 1977 as the Irwin 52 Project Manager.  He was also involved in the Irwin 65 project from its inception.  He has raced Irwins in Antigua Race Week, Suncoast Race Week, Key West to Cuba Race, and many others.  In 1981 he supervised the commissioning and final outfitting of an Irwin 65 for its Australian owner.  He subsequently  sailed with the 65 to the Mediterranean and throughout Europe.  He returned to the U.S. and founded Irwin Yachts Southwest.  Gene later was invited to join an Irwin Dealer and brokerage in Ft. Lauderdale.  1993 found him living on Vieques Island, PR, and commuting to St. Thomas and Tortola as a broker for Southern Trades Yacht Sales.  In 1996 Gene again teamed up with Ted Irwin to open Irwin Yacht International with the aim of restarting production of larger Irwins.  In 1998 they contracted with a New Zeland yacht builder for the production of the new Irwin 72, to be followed by the Irwin 56 and Irwin 85 models.  The project was terminated after multiple breaches of contract by the builder. Gene remains an active licensed and bonded yacht broker in Florida.  He specializes in the resale of Irwins; and, at the request of owners, has supervised the refurbishment of numerous larger Irwins.  Capt. Gene also continues to maintain his 100-ton Masters license.

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