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Stop Shaft Rotation

It seems this question about drag / freewheeling has been debated at nearly every where I go.  Some say the shaft must be locked to prevent wheeling.  Others say that all you need is to have transmission in reverse.  What say you regarding Irwins Gene?


It depends on the engine and transmission. Check the owners manual for proper advise. Or call Mastry Marine.Many use reverse to stop the shaft turning and some say you need to start the engine occasionally to cool the trans. oil. Years ago we used to offer shaft brakes on the 52s but I have not seen one working in years. I have used a big monkey wrench on the shaft braced on the hull to stop the shaft turning. Do that when not moving.  Gene Gammon

Irwin LEDs

Great place for obtaining replacements for LED lights.

Replace LEDs

Just click on the Irwin logo on the first page and it takes you to the new Irwin LED lights
When ordering type in Irwin in the special code/discount box for 20% DISCOUNT.

Owner’s Marina Opinions

Marginal Marinas

Marines reported by Irwin owners to have done less than satisfactory work, poor repairs resulting in additional costs, charges & time far exceeding estimates, or poor business practices.

1- Bob and Annie’s boat yard located in St.James city on Pine Island, Florida. a small island located in SW Florida.

2- Marathon Marina, Marathon, Florida Keys

3- Associated Marine, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

4- Oxford Marina, Maryland

Recommended Marinas

1- Markley’s Marina (233 Nanticoke Road, Essex, MD 21221-1532;
phone: 410-687-5575) on the Middle River (approx. 30 miles North of
Annapolis) has always done a wonderful job for me on GUSTO II. In fact
since I left Clearwater in 1980, no one else has picked my boat out of the
water or worked on it other than Markley’s. They have a 60 ton lift, a
large boom crane & a building large enough to house a 68′ Irwin. Connie
is who you want to talk with.

2- Sailor’s Wharf, St. Petersburg, Florida
Fine painting and electrical/mechanical abilities

Gene at Annapolis Boatshow

I will be at the Annapolis Boat show in the afternoons of Oct 8th and on Oct 9. In case any Irwin owner wants to meet and chat I will be around the Hood booth with Mike Haber.
The Hood/Pompanette/Bomar booth with have a Tiki Bar set up for Irwin visitors.
We look forward to meeting you. I will have some Irwin hats with me.

Welcome Aboard

Everybody is welcome! This site is dedicated to all things Irwin.  My name is Gene Gammon aka the Irwin guy.  Items will be seen here prior to being included in the web site.  I am especially interested in your input and comments.  However, I can not guarantee that I will reply to each and every one of your comments. If you require an answer from me, refer to the Contact Gene page.