Welcome to the Irwin Yachts web site.  This was created for the 6000 plus Irwin Owners around the world.   Gene Gammon & Associates, Inc. produces this site to provide information to the many Irwin owners and to assist them by providing archived data, new information, update advice, location of replacement parts, and a way for Irwin owners to contact each other.  Since the cessation of production by Irwin Yacht and Marine in 1991 support has relied mainly on word of mouth and assistance from supportive Irwin owners and a few old guard Irwin lovers.  There are no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information found here as Irwin models have had many updates, changes and improvements during production and your boat may have been altered by previous owners since new.

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All the brochures that could be found were scanned and provided on these pages in as large a format as possible to be legible and still be able to be accessed by our cruising friends around the world that may not have high speed access or access the Internet through Single Side band or telephone modems.

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If anyone discovers any brochures or data that I may not have posted, please contact Gene Gammon at info@irwinyachts.com and the data will be added during a future update to the web site.


Irwin 34

Citation 35

Citation 35

68 Cruising

37 Northwest

52 Veradero,

Cuba Race Winner 1979

We appreciate the updates and stories from Irwin owners around the world.  We have thousands of Irwin Yacht owners that we hear from worldwide.  Many thanks to our web master "Rico", a past Irwin owner, who has upgraded the site.  Many new links are available so take a look.  You will also start to see some advertisements.  These are controlled by Google AdSense.  They have been added to defray operating costs so as to keep the site available at no charge to each of you.

Irwin Rendezvous Clearlake, TX 1984

Irwin 52 in Hvar, Croatia

Fatu Hiva, Polynesia


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